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Vic Teran

  • Instagram - Grey Circle

Welcome to LT_Bookz Ambassador's Program

We are looking for positive motivating, inspiring, active members to represent our brand.


If you wish to become part of our team, send us a message. We will add you to our page with photo , name and link to your social media platforms. Ensure to follow Mr. Teran and direct message him with the key word 'VETERAN'.


What do you need to become part of the team?

1) Post great photos and content

2) Have a loyal following

3) Interact and follow fellow Ambassadors

4) Ambassadors can receive compensation in the form of product or PR

5) Retweet, like, repost, comment, share content with your audience.

If you have any questions, please send us a DM to our Instagram Page @f1tness_gunsn_tattoos and @Lt_Bookz.


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