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Landon's First Taekwon-Do Lesson

Landon is a brave, intelligent and athletic three year-old-boy; who like many other children, enjoys learning and trying new things. He took an interest in martial arts, and he shares his story about what life lessons he has learned during his first training session.


This story focuses on fitness and self-defense; and the importance of respect and love to oneself, his parents and friends.


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Our Trip to the Zoo


This is an educational, beautiful and colorful story about a little boy and his dad visiting the zoo. They see 10 different animals and Landon shares his excitement and description with our young readers.


Want to know what they are? Want to know what Landon saw at the zoo? Come and follow our story to see these 10 cool animals. let's count to 10 together...


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Our Bedtime Routine​


This children’s book that is all about bedtime routines. A young boy named Landon narrates the story, and shares with readers what he and his 18-month-old baby sister, Leah, do every night before bed.


Landon shares the six things in his bedtime routine, and asks the readers related questions about their own bedtime routines. 


This story focuses on creating positive bedtime habits. The importance of reading and learning, cleanliness, brushing teeth, and the love and support they have from their parents.


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